About Us

About Dream Magic

Dream Magic Publications was founded in 2017 by Rachel Farabaugh. She originally created the company with the intention to publish her own line of Tarot related guides and books. But then she quickly saw the need for a magical themed publishing company that could help others publish their works as well. With the completion of her first line of Inspirational Tarot decks and books, she opened up Dream Magic Publications to others. After spending nearly three years going through the process of publishing, she realized there is a lot of knowledge to share. And there is a way to make the entire process easier for authors.

The intention with Dream Magic is to enable artists and writers to publish without having to wait for approval. The large publishing companies (used to) hold all the power and typically receive thousands of submssions at a time, most of which they ignore. Oftentimes you won’t even receive a courtesy letter of rejection, and the months of waiting with no response indicate your answer. Instead of waiting for a large company to say yes, I believe it is time for self empowerment. The old process of exclusivity, competition and rejection are long gone. Now is the time for cooperation and helping one another. We have the ability to take action now, and we intend to make the process of publishing your book enjoyable and easy.