acceptable content

Does your book fall into the category of supernatural, spiritual, self help, and other worldly realms? This could include anything from energy healing, DNA, alchemy, magic, meditation, vortexes, herbs, psychedelics, natural medicine, ancient civilizations, hollow Earth, flat Earth, Mars, astral projection, the holographic Universe, nature, oracles, chakras, yoga, happiness, feelings, spirits, ghosts, aliens, fairies or gnomes. The sky is the limit. And as you know, the sky is limitless. We will print all of the subjects that other publishers may find too “controversial” or out there. There is very little we will say no to. Unless it’s a book about your dog, in which case we will have to politely decline.


We currently only accept submissions for Adults and YA. If you have a children’s book idea, please visit and submit your idea there. Sleepy Sunshine Publications is dedicated entirely to children’s books.


We take confidentiality very seriously and will never share, redistribute, steal, borrow or use your content in any way that is morally and ethically unacceptable. You have worked very hard to get this far and we intend to protect your ideas as you share them with us through the submissions process. We promise to treat you and your work with respect regardless of whether or not we publish your book.